Link from Zelda Meme Generator


When Link first embarked on his pixelated quest in Hyrule, he probably didn't expect to become the hero of not just one kingdom, but two: the kingdom of The Legend of Zelda and the kingdom of Internet Memes. With his elf-like charm and silent demeanor, Link, the hero of time, has been adventuring (and hilariously memeing) through time and space since the mid-eighties.

The first and perhaps most iconic Link meme originated from the original 1986 NES game. In it, an old man hands Link a sword with the epic phrase, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." Now, Link didn't take just the sword. He took the phrase too and passed it into the hands of the memeverse, where it has been humorously adapted for every conceivable situation. Forgot your mask at home? "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." These days, the old man's advice seems more relevant than ever!

Our eternally youthful elf has also been the star of the 'Confused Link' memes. These generally feature a puzzled-looking Link from the game, usually captioned with quips about not finding the boss key or failing to solve a temple puzzle - again. It's not just about finding humor in the shared experience of gamer frustrations; it's a gentle reminder that even heroes get puzzled sometimes.

Fast forward to the Breath of the Wild era, and we've been graced with 'Cooking Link' memes. Here, Link enthusiastically hurls random ingredients into a cooking pot, an act that's quickly become a metaphor for our often misguided culinary experiments during quarantine. What do you mean, five apples and a fish don't make a gourmet meal?

Indeed, it's been a long journey from 8-bit legend to 4K meme hero. But through every reincarnation, be it pixel, cartridge, or meme, Link remains our steadfast, if a bit bewildered, champion. And while he's busy saving Princess Zelda, he's also helping save us from the perils of a meme-less existence, one Hyrulian adventure at a time.